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NEISPACE is an Interior Design firm based in Shanghai that focuses on small-scale tailor made solutions. In a fast paced environment that encourages standardized design, we want to stand out trying to deliver entirely personalized and out of the box solutions. Aside from our Creative character, we believe in an Environmentally Sustainable approach to design and try to pursue this road from concept to construction.

NEISPACE 室内设计公司位于上海,着力于小规模的个性定制解决方案。 当今快节奏的环境,鼓励标准化的设计,而我们不拘于固定模式,传达完全个性品质的设计模式。创新理念之余,我们注重环保的设计, 并试图从概念设计到施工过程都遵循环保的理念。


daniel saracino
Daniel Saracino was born in Rome, Italy. His varied and international academic background (ISPS, HP, India; University of Rome, Italy; Carnegie Mellon University, PA ,USA) culminates in a Master degree in Architecture (University of Rome , Rome, Italy)
Daniel’s experience involves design on a variety of scales from urban master planning to high-end residential, commercial and corporate interiors.
He believes in a multi-disciplinary approach to design that should lead to coherent and creative solutions in a sustainable manner.
Daniel’s career starts in Rome where he takes part in several public projects and competitions. His passion for Chinese culture leads him to Shanghai in 2008, where he finds new opportunities for design. In China he mainly focuses on high –end interior design projects with a creative twist.
设计师Daniel Saracino出生于意大利罗马。他的学术背景既多样化又国际化,曾就读于印度的ISPS,HP;美国的卡内基梅隆大学;意大利的罗马大学,拥有罗马大学建筑系的硕士学位。
Daniel 有资深的设计经验,包括建筑设计范畴的城市规划,以及高端的家装,商业空间和办公空间的室内设计经验。

Our Expertise 我们的专长

Functionality and Comfort are the basis of design. Whether it’s a home, office or store, the principles and challenges are the same! We have a multidisciplinary approach, working to combine principles of other design disciplines such as graphic design, product design, and so on.



Personalized homes, from space planning to decoration  从空间规划到装潢施工的个性化家装设计。


Creative solutions for stores and showrooms  为商铺和展示厅定制专属性设计方案。


Enhance functionality, comfort and corporate image in office spaces  增强功能性和舒适度和企业形象的办公空间设计。


Inbuilt cabinets and unique pieces to match the overall design theme  定制符合整体设计主题的内置橱柜和独特家具。

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Come and visit us at our Studio in downtown Shanghai or write to us for any enquiry!


Shanghai 上海

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